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At the film university, renowned experts in the fields of media art, media studies, and media practice ensure that students receive both extensive theoretical knowledge and practical skills. 37 full professors, 11 honorary professors, 32 research associates, and some 65 visiting lecturers provide the university's approximately 600 students with individualized instruction and support.

The film university offers a unique educational concept that encourages students to collaborate on various projects. Students learn how to work together as a team under realistic circumstances resembling the high division of labor in the media business and to develop their flexibility. This way, they get the best possible preparation for a successful career in the rapidly changing international media market. 

Combining the teaching approach of an art school with Humboldt's ideal of university education, the film university follows its own path. The teaching of technical skills is complemented by productive and creative interdisciplinary degree programs as well as valuable synergies between arts and science.  

"Art challenges technology, and technology inspires the art."

(John Lasseter, Pixar Animation Studios)

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