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The Cinematography B.F.A. program of Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF combines theoretical fundamentals with practical and creative exercises in the field of image composition. In cinematography and interdisciplinary courses, students acquire theoretical knowledge and put it into practice during format development workshops, lighting seminars, and project work. Small class sizes allow for personalized training.

During their undergraduate program, students develop and implement one non-fiction and one fiction film project in collaboration with other disciplines. Many of these films are screened and reviewed at international film festivals. For further cinematography exercises and graduation projects, students have access to up-to-date 2D and 3D high-definition technology. The film university's Cinematography B.F.A. program adequately prepares students for creative teamwork in the audiovisual media industry. 

University entrance qualification and practical experience in the field of filmmaking.

Program Duration and Scope
6 semesters (180 credits)

Cinematography (B.F.A.) – Curriculum
Basic Module:
Introductory Courses

Study Modules:
Fundamentals of Cinematography I
Introduction to Dramaturgy / History
Fundamentals of Cinematography II
Fundamentals of Cinematography III
Professional Practice

Project Modules:
Workshop / Exercises
Interdisciplinary Film Project I
Interdisciplinary Film Project II

Project Modules:
Artistic Graduation Project
Bachelor's Thesis


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