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The Acting B.A. program of Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF is an intensive degree program that spans seven semesters and has a high workload of approx. 45 hours per week. Focusing on stage and screen acting, the program provides students with all relevant practical and theoretical skills. This includes learning the craft of acting, the acquisition and development of acting techniques, and gaining an understanding of esthetics and dramaturgy in different media.

The integration of the program into the university's overall offer allows students to gain teamwork experience and to collaborate with various directors in interdisciplinary projects. Alongside their in-depth body and voice training, students are involved in film projects and theater productions during the program and, thus, get the opportunity to demonstrate the skills they have acquired.

University entrance qualification

Program Duration and Scope
7 semesters (240 credits)

Acting (B.A.) – Curriculum
Basic Modules:
Introductory Courses
Dramaturgy / History I
Fundamentals of Acting and Performance – Stage
Fundamentals of Acting and Performance – Film / TV
Introduction to Acting Techniques – Body
Introduction to Acting Techniques – Voice

Study / Project Modules:
Acting Techniques Development and Training – Body
Dramaturgy / History II
Practice of Acting and Performance – Film / TV
Practice of Acting and Performance – Stage
Acting Techniques Development and Training – Voice
Practice of Acting Techniques – Body
Dramaturgy / History III
Ensemble Work – Stage
Acting under Practical Conditions – Film / TV
Self-management and Presentation

Graduation Modules:
Artistic Graduation Project – Film / TV
Artistic Graduation Project – Stage
Bachelor's Thesis

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