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The Set Design B.F.A. program of Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF provides students with the theoretical and practical basics they need to independently work at studio film sets or with external art departments. They learn how to select and design film sites and locations in a way that supports narrative content or adds levels of meaning – e.g., through the detailed depiction of an environment or the projection of inner states onto the outer world.

After the first practical exercises that focus on the analysis of images and spaces in painting, film, and theater, students develop and build a studio set, which might also involve the collaborative creation of a narrative idea. Working on a fictional short film project together with students from other programs, students learn how to contribute to filmic storytelling through their creative input and start developing their own artistic signatures. Throughout the program, students are involved in interdisciplinary film projects.

General or subject-specific university entrance qualification. Besides, applicants should have a minimum of 26 weeks of practical experience in an appropriate field or have completed some type of professional training in the field of arts and crafts. 

Program Duration and Scope
6 semesters (180 credits)

Set Design (B.F.A.) – Curriculum
Basic Modules:
Introductory Courses
Fundamentals of Set Design I

Study Modules:
Interdisciplinary Basics
Communication and Presentation
Fundamentals of Set Design II
Dramaturgy / History

Project Modules:
Interdisciplinary Project
Studio Set Design / Artificial Light Project

Graduation Modules:
Artistic Graduation Project
Bachelor's Thesis

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