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The ‘Audio-Visual Application Design’ M.A. program follows a modular approach including lecture- and project modules. The lecture modules are mainly taught in the first year of the program and cover the principle of theory, methodology and practice and shape technological, filmic, artistic and academic core competencies. Project modules dominate the second year of the program and include basic software-, audio-visual media- and research projects in combination with the students’ own projects for forming their individual specializations.

As one part of the theory oriented lectures students discuss recent research publications in computer science with focus on graphics, sound and film technologies. Also publications in regard to the basics in media and film studies are considered. On a side note a theoretical discourse about aesthetics and fine arts are also part of the reflections. The overall goal of this block of lectures is to know the state of the art, to understand a bigger picture and to make connections between the traditionally separated disciplines.

The lectures that focus on methodology include the theoretical foundations of project work, project management, the process of software development, creativity techniques and methodologies of academic research. The approaches of scientific, industrial and artistic research are differentiated. Furthermore strategies for successful interdisciplinary communications are examined. An additional aspect is the development of entrepreneurial thinking.

The lectures that focus on practical expertise lay the foundation for the students’ own projects and their specializations. On the one hand formal knowledge in regard to algorithms and math are taught, on the other hand their applications are practiced in programming tasks with Python. Processes, techniques and designs of film making and the integration of specific technologies are offered as electives from the whole Film University lectures offerings, as well as from other cooperating universities. In the practical oriented lectures emphasis is put again on a holistic approach to processes. Implementations of small projects and exercises accompanying the practical lectures build the basis for the project modules.

The project modules start in the first term with a self-defined first project and continue with small-scale practical exercises. From the second term on the focus shifts more and more to individual projects. These individual projects are continuously inspired by the technical lectures and their input. All students will gain practical experience in the areas of software development, audio-visual media and research work, also including artistic considerations.

Students position themselves with their individual projects within the spectrum of Computer Science, Art/Design and Academia.

The master thesis is an academic or academic-artistic work. The chosen research question is positioned in an academic context, reflected, thoroughly discussed and practically realized in a prototype.

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