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Focusing on one-to-one instruction to promote individual artistic development, the film university's Animation Direction M.F.A. program enables students to expand their artistic, technical, dramaturgical, and concept design skills. In addition to preparing them for careers in the freelance business, the program also includes training on how to plan the production of an animated film and manage a team.  

As the program allows students to acquire a wide range of skills – e.g., in animation, storyboarding, concept design, background art, character design, modeling, rigging, texturing, shading / lighting, compositing, and art direction – numerous career opportunities in the fields of film, TV, games, illustration, sequential art, and liberal arts are available to graduates. Moreover, the increasing importance of animation for the Internet and mobile devices opens up new fields of work. The goal of the M.F.A. program is the independent production of an animated auteur film or the completion of a complex animation project (e.g., artistic research, expanded animation, hybrid formats, or sequential art) during the graduation phase.

Successful completion of the Animation B.F.A. program or comparable qualifications. 

Program Duration and Scope
4 semesters (120 credits)

Animation Direction (M.F.A.) – Curriculum
In-depth Modules:
Short Artistic Project
Artistic / Scientific Elective Module

Project Modules:
Artistic Project Module – Animation I
Artistic Project Module – Animation II
Artistic Project Module – Animation III

Graduation Module:
Master's Thesis

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