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In an intense film experience, the score often plays a particularly important role. Music intensifies perception, is able to enhance the atmosphere of a film, emotionalizes, structures narrative sequences, creates connections in terms content, and highlights dramaturgical elements. Music is able to describe characters and to interpret the narrative in its own way. Indeed, there are but a very few films that do not rely on the power of music, which reaches audiences in completely different ways than images and dialogues.
Today, those who compose film scores have to assume three roles:
composer, film creative, and music producer
For this reason, pursuing a successful career in film music requires dealing with a broad range of topics:

  • –   The different functions of film music, its integration into film dramaturgy, and its composition
  • –  Recording studio processes, sound synthesis, and computer-based music production
  • –  Familiarity with a wide range of composing techniques and musical styles - The development of composing skills as well as of an individual musical style and creative approach
  • –  The theoretical basics of filmmaking and the historical development of film and film music
  • –  Instrumentation and orchestration as well as experiences in recording with ensembles and orchestras
  • –  Collaboration and communication with other crafts during film projects
  • –  Economic and legal aspects of freelance composing

The Film Music M.Mus. program of Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF allows young musicians to gain extensive skills in all of these areas and, thus, to pursue a career in the field of film music after their graduation.

Career Opportunities
Graduates of the Film Music program have the qualifications to work as freelance composers for film and media. Besides this core occupational profile, the program also prepares students for careers in music in the fields of advertising, theater, and audio plays. Moreover, graduates possess the skills and knowledge to work as music producers, music supervisors, television music journalists, or orchestrators.

The Film Music program of Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF is directed at young musicians who already have good composing skills as well as the ability to work in different styles. However, the application by students with different profiles in terms of musical styles (Classical, Pop, Jazz, etc.) is possible - and indeed desired. The successful completion of a Bachelor's or German Diplom program in the field of music is a prerequisite for admission.

The program comprises personalized instruction, lectures, small-sized courses, and interdisciplinary projects allowing for the collaboration with other programs. Students are provided with theoretical and dramaturgical knowledge, improve their skills in the fields of composition and music production, critically discuss issues in media theory, and develop their own artistic approach. The integration of the program into the film university's interdisciplinary concept results in a wide range of opportunities to collaborate with students from other programs in university projects.

During the implementation of these projects, Film Music students have the tasks to integrate themselves into the production teams, to collaboratively develop and communicate suitable film music concepts as well as to compose and produce scores.

The university's technical equipment and facilities - such as recording studios that are available to both Film Music and Sound for Picture students, a sequencing workstation for pre-production, and several grand pianos - offer perfect conditions. For more information, please visit:

Successful completion of a Bachelor's or German Diplom program in the field of music

Program Duration and Scope
6 semesters (120 credits)
Combination of full-time and part-time study

Film Music (M.Mus.) Curriculum
Basic Module
Introductory Courses
Study Modules
Use and Composition of Film Music I
Composition I
Orchestration I
Sound Design and Music Production I
Media Theory
Legal and Entrepreneurial Module
Use and Composition of Film Music II
Composition II
Orchestration II
Sound Design and Music Production II
Project Module
Scoring for Film Projects
Graduation Module
Master's Thesis

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