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The Film University library is among the most comprehensive specialist libraries in Germany. It includes more than 100.000 media items (books, publications) about film, television, and media studies. Approximately 3.5 million articles can be found in the newspaper clippings archive. Some 20.000 videos/DVDs can be viewed in the videotheque, and approximately 3.5000 practical filmmaking exercises and formally assessed thesis films from HFF graduates are stored in the AV-Media Archives. A collection of classical and soundtrack CDs as well as CD-ROMs and DVDs rounds out the offerings.

Holdings and Profile
Established in 1956, the Babelsberg Film School's library is a central facility of the Film University. The library contains four divisions: library, newspaper clippings archive, AV-media archive, and videotheque.

In 1993, the former Central Film Library (GDR, Berlin) and the Film School Library (Babelsberg) merged. In addition to a collection of almost all screenplays from the DEFA (the former East German state film studios), the Film School Library also holds specialised literature from Eastern Europe in the original languages and pre-1945 film literature.

The four divisions of the Film University Library System at a glance:

Film University Library:
84.000 media holdings (books, periodicals) about film, television, and media studies

Newspaper Clippings Archive:
ca. 3.5 million articles from the German-language daily press on the topics of film, television and new media.

ca. 20.000 videos/DVDs.
Since 1994, the Film University library has collected films on videotape and  soundtracks on CD (these materials are available for loan to Film University members only).

AV-Media Archive:
3.500 film titles of thesis films by Film University graduates as well as practical filmmaking exercises are available on loan.

108 thematically specialised periodicals are available for perusal in the library's reading room using the Aleph 500 system. The divisions are linked via a Unix-network in which all media are registered. This includes Periodical Articles from 20 film periodicals (since 1994).

The collection of the Film Universiry Library is available primarily to Film University students and lecturers. However, students from other schools, film and  media researchers and film enthusiasts may also use the library.
The Library not only offers information through various media and professional research advice, but it also functions as a site and meeting place for exchanging ideas and information.

A Film Studies (Feature Films)
B Documentaries
C Film, Television, and Media History
D Biographies
E Communications Studies and Research
F Animation
G Production, Distribution, Equipment, Cinema Operations
H Television Studies
I Social Studies
J Film School Publications about Film, Television, and Media Studies
K Aesthetics
L Art Studies and History
M Theatre Studies
N Literature and Language Studies
O Music
P Photography
Q Equipment
R Catalogue, Index of New Acquisitions, Bibliographies
S Biographical Reference Books
T Annuals, Catalogues, Events, Institutions
U Encyclopaedias, Dictionaries
V AV-Media (Videos, DVDs, Television Tapings, CDs, CD-ROMs)
X Screenplays
Y Texts and Related Materials to Films

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