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Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF follows an interdisciplinary approach to the artistic, technological, and academic teaching and research on the universal subject of film. Established as Deutsche Hochschule für Filmkunst and known as Hochschule für Film und Fernsehen "Konrad Wolf" (HFF), Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF ranks among the country's largest and most modern film schools and, in July 2014, became the first German film school to achieve university status.

With its unique educational concept that focuses on both craftsmanship and teamwork, its successful artistic productions, and its innovative research projects, the film university plays a decisive role in shaping the future of moving images. Moreover, the continuing education programs and events of Brandenburg's only art school allow for the discussion of cultural, social, and political issues.

The film university is an integral part of Babelsberg Media City and closely linked to the metropolis of Berlin. No other place in Germany offers a stronger connection between the past, present, and future of filmmaking. 

At the film university, extensive networks and efficient support structures complement high-level creative, technological, academic, and research expertise. Connections to both small and large enterprises, to established companies as well as to young start-ups provide access to local experts, cover the entire spectrum of film and TV creation and production, and ensure international visibility and appeal.

The film university aims at establishing itself as a premier national and international film research institution and is constantly expanding its research expertise and activities.   

This includes participating in the discourse on the profound social changes caused by digitalization as well as meeting the demand for research through numerous activities in the fields of arts, technology, humanities, and social sciences. The university's declared goal is to contribute to the artistic development of film as a medium that inspires and critically reflects upon society, art, science, and the market.    

The fertile combination of artistic experiments, technological developments, and academic reflection gives rise to ambitious and innovative projects that promote creative thinking and provide new insights and approaches to film and other moving image media. Research and development are aligned to the needs of artistic and academic teaching.

The university fosters early involvement in research activities and, thus, allows students to generate exciting ideas that they can develop further during their M.A. studies. Graduates are provided with unique opportunities for careers in a dynamic and ever-changing market.  

The film university has built close networks throughout the region and Germany as well as with an ever-increasing number of international partners. In its research projects, the school collaborates with a number of universities, non-university institutions in the fields of research, educational policy, and culture as well as with the national and international media and creative industry. Close ties and collaborations with film and television academies in Germany and more than 50 countries worldwide stimulate new ideas.

The result is a constant and lively transfer of knowledge and technology. The university's goal is to increase the practical relevance of teaching and studying and to allow graduates to successfully enter the film and media job market – as expert employees, well-qualified freelancers, or young entrepreneurs with their own businesses. Offering workshops and advice, the MEDIA EXIST business startup center helps graduates takes these steps and "transfer" to the world of work.    

Research and development potential within the university is identified early and brought together with the needs of the media industry: The film university helps media companies develop new products by providing scientific expertise. Moreover, student film productions allow for assessing the functionality, added value, and economic viability of innovations. 

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