Prof. Dr. Ellen Seiter zu Gast an der Filmuni

Die Inhaberin des Stephen K. Nenno Endowed Chair in Television Studies der University of Southern California war Anfang 2018 im Rahmen ihres Forschungsprojektes in Babelsberg. Wir stellen sie kurz vor ...

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Filmuni: Can you tell us in two sentences something about yourself?
Ellen Seiter: I live in Los Angeles, with a giant dog (A Newfoundland) and my three grown children, who are all in the film business, one way or the other. I teach film history, theory and criticism at USC film school.

F: Can you describe the research project you are conducting in Babelsberg and Berlin in one sentence (and elaborate on it in two more if you like)?
My project looks at two sides of the relationship between brains and screens:   how brain diseases are represented in the cinema and how screens affect our brains.  I will be looking at film archives in Berlin and also working with neuroscientists at the Berlin School of Mind and Brain.

F: Will there be a chance to learn more about your research in a lecture or seminar at the Film University (if so: where and when)?
I will give a lecture on this topic: "Your Brain on the Screen" some time in April.

F:What do you associate with Babelsberg and what do you like (best) about the Film University?
I associate Babelsberg with the filming of Metropolis, which I always show in my course on Anime, where we also read Tezuka Osama's manga of that name and Rintaro's 2001 film.  I find the Film University very beautiful and the students smart and open to new ideas.  I am very impressed that they may use the studio orchestra for their filmmaking.