A Kingdom Behind God's Shoulders

The only school in Tornanádaska is opened not only for the children from the village, it is also a boarding school for disabled and autistic children from the surrounding villages. In this place Massih Parseai would like to begin his research.

Project start:

The Roma village of Tornanádaska is located in the north of Hungary. Northeast of this isolated village is the border of Slovakia. The village, the citizens and the children are constantly subject to a stigmatised and superficial representation. Poverty is exhibited but not explored - the media has no interest in creating change or understanding this place.

Massih Parseai says: “I would like to give film workshops at this school in small groups over two or three occasions for longer periods of time. I want to create a space where we discuss about art and the possibility of self-expression through it. During this time we will work with each pupil together on their own film. I want to thematise family and home and to encourage them to talk about their personal reality. I want to provide tools so that they have the possibility to portray themselves without an objectification from the outside.”

The goal of this research is an exchange. To get individual portraiture of what home means in their point of view. To be able to grasp a sense of childlike perception. He is interested in the freedom and unrestrictedness of children's perception and expression. In his opinion they observe most of the things for the first time and the world is strange to them. Their gaze falls on the complex universe created by adults who are so distant and indecisive, and thus they are challenged to build an explanation of the world to themselves.

"The process in Tornanádaskas, my time as an outsider, will be documented with camera. In addition, I will conduct interviews with the pupils. As a presentation of this research I would like to create an essay film, with the workshops, the films of the pupils, and my own impressions and observations,” he says.

Project lead: Massih Parseai

Contact: massihparsaei(a)gmail.com


Massih Parsaei was born in 1992 in Tehran, Iran. In 2009 he moved to Hungary to study Animation for two years. In 2010 he began to work with many different choreographers and directors. Today he works as a freelance artist creating video installations and short films shown in galleries, cinemas or theaters. Since 2015 Massih Parsaei studies directing at Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF.



  • 2016 Vertraut
  • 2018 Über Anna
  • 2021 Wo Gott ist, Fehlt es an nichts…


Video installations for theater and concerts

  • 2011 Pr-evolution Dance Company-Blue Velvet
  • 2011 Pataky Klári Dance Company-Mit Tudjátok ti
  • 2011 Zadam Dance Company - Profile
  • 2012 Honart Music Festival (Vienna)
  • 2013 Pataky Klári Dance Company - I Haiku
  • 2013 Hungarian National Ballet - A Monologue About Waiting
  • 2015 Daniela Faith Dance Company - In Pictures
  • 2017 Alma ein Vollmond Konzert (Vienna)


Video installations for art exhibitions

  • 2012 Group exhibition-the world I adhere-Silk road art gallery (Tehran)
  • 2013 Berlin Alley- Seyhoon Art Gallery (Tehran)
  • 2013 Howard Greenberg Collection Mai Mano Museum (Budapest)
  • 2014 Gordafarid Total Arts Gallery (Dubai- Los Angeles County Museum of Art)