Holes in the air

After discussions with authors, editors and students on the topic of authorship, Jessica Hölzl and Saskia Benter wrote a manuscript for a staged satirical evening and rehearsed it with an actress who is also an author.

Project start:
Project completion:

An event titled 24th Transdisciplinary Colloquium: 3 1/2 Derailments. About the Failure of a Screenwriter was externally communicated: as a talk by an established and multi-award winning author. In the run-up to the event, Jessica Hölzl and Saskia Benter put up posters inside the Film University building collecting prejudices about the disciplines studied there.

"As expected, the reactions to this corresponded with the atmosphere at the university. We then christened this 'Babelsberg cynicism'. The event took place on 22/01/19 in the theatre 1104 of the Film University. The stagedness was noticed by one or the other. Others didn't notice anything," they say.

Project lead: Jessica Hölzl, Saskia Benter