Searching for traces in the liminal realm

In the liminal area of theater, film and media: Searching for traces of essential impulses of an aesthetic as well as structural reorientation through interactivity, participation, immersion, transculturality and transmediality.

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Project completion:

Transdisciplinary student project group Biopic under the supervision of Prof. Kerstin Retemeyer.

On August 8, 2016, it was time to experience an experimental, hybrid-theatrical space at the Film University. Under the mentorship of Kerstin Retemeyer, Esther Esche and Sylvius Lack, a group of students let an intermedial, artistic real-time laboratory emerge. Under the motto "Create games!" each spectator was able to experience his or her own individual story. Based on the examination of different theater models and multimedia structures of the present, the task was to find and analyse new intermedial dramaturgical structures also used in games.

The audience passed through a kind of theater course during the event. Several locations and rooms of the Film University offered various live presentations, the biopics. In this process, the spectator took on an important role: each individual made decisions on how to proceed in her/his play. The result: an intermedial laboratory. Biopic realized a concept, a student laboratory and experimental format as an insight-generating experiential space in which concrete artistic research questions about new forms of theater were examined.

Students of scenography, screenwriting, acting and production came together for this artistic research project. The closely linked transdisciplinary collaboration made it possible to transcend and expand common spaces of experience and cognition.

Project lead: Kerstin Retemeyer, Esther Esche and Sylvius Lac