The Pit - Director: Hristiana Raykova

Filmstill vom Filmuni-Film DIE GRUBE, Kamera von Johannes Greisle (opens enlarged image)
© Johannes Greisle

Director: Hristiana Raykova - 2019 - RBB, MBB - 73 Min.

What seems to be a wonderful spa at the seaside is known as just THE PIT among the people from Varna. By examining the microcosm of this place the film creates a cinematic portrait of the Bulgarian society.

“I am grateful that we had the chance to make THE PIT. I find it overwhelming that the story of this special place in Varna and of the people of my home country will reach the audiences all over the world.” - Hristiana Raykova


  • 69. Berlinale – Berlin Intl. Film Festival – Opening FIlm of Perspektive Deutsches Kino (2019)
  • DOK.fest München – Student Award (2019)
  • Zürich Film Festival – Fokus Schweiz, Deutschland, Österreich (2019)


  • FIRST STEPS Award – Nomination for Best Documentary (2019)