Being mother is the most natural thing in the world. Or so it seems. Yet the demands on women with children have rarely been as overloaded and contradictory as they are in today's Western world. Promises of happiness are often followed by disadvantages, excessive demands and feelings of guilt. The mother has become an artificially glorified ideal, which nevertheless is often legitimized by the "nature of the woman". We live in a time when three people could claim to be the same child's mother: egg donors give their genes to beget children, surrogate mothers deliver babies which they give away immediately after birth, and men raise children by themselves – without a woman at their side. Hence the question arises: What makes a human being a real mother? In a personal and kaleidoscope-like play of thoughts, director Antonia Hungerland encounters a variety of people,none of whom seems to conform to the fundamental image of a real mother. (

2018, Graduation Film, documentary