My Father And I

My Father And I  (opens enlarged image)
(C) Lea Pech / Filmuniversität Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF 2016

„If in the nursery they ask where you've got your bruises from – tell 'em you fell over.“ Wardeh, Yasmin, Ali, Sara, Yussef, and Isra are siblings. Their father, Ahmad, fled the Lebanon 40 years ago and came as a Palestinian refugee to Germany. The film tells the story of these six children from Berlin Neukölln whose upbringing was shaped by tension; tension in the relationship to their father, to his uncompromising character, and to his conservative views which he relentlessly enforced – at times, by using physical violence. The director of this film is Ali Tamim, the eldest son. In intimate interviews, he sets out to discover the causes of his father's behaviour. He speaks about the past with his brothers and sisters, and, in their name, he confronts his father. And there it does not stop: Ali Tamim wants to truly understand his father and learn what it is that poverty, war, flight, and exile do to a human being.

2016, F1, documentary


Lea Pech
Gerard Cerdan
Fridolin Lehmann
Tabea I. Meyers
Hannah Schroeder
Ali Tamim
Till Aldinger


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