Trotz uns / Despite us

Two shapes are running through the dark of the night, while they are not being chased. It’s HANNAH (21) and IMKE (20), two young girls from a remote village in East Germany. While Imke is about to leave her childhood home the next day, Hannah will stay, even though there is nothing left to keep her there. It’s their last night together. The two girls break into an old pub and start to get lost in memories. When Hannah finds out that this pub, as well will be gone soon, she starts to loose her temper. Imke is trying to calm her down, but nothing works. She kisses her best friend, maybe she wanted to do that for a long time. First of all, Hannah is in shock and disgusted, but then she realizes, that she might loose Imke forever.

2020, Zweitjahresfilm (F2), BA-Abschlussfilm, feature film


Svenja Heinrichs
Beke Rienitz
Beke Rienitz
Carolin Hauke
Honorata Szulakowska
production design:
Ida Riegel
Lukas Zepf


main cast:
Siri Wiedenbusch
main cast:
Lilli Fichtner