Anna Eschenbacher

 Anna Eschenbacher

Creative Technologies | Year 2019

Anna Eschenbacher is a creative technologies student with a background in photography, filmmaking and post production. Prior to her Creative Technologies studies, she graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering in Audiovisual Media at Stuttgart Media University. 

She is interested in various facets of creative technologies, including creative coding, mixed reality, volumetric video, tool development for artists, and interactive installations. Aside from that, she is passionate about technology, design, and our environment. Whenever she is not submerged in some kind of mixed reality, she is probably shooting analog film or daydreaming about croissants.


Shaped by Motion (Orientation Project)

Shaped by Motion is an abstract data visualisation. The idea is to generate a visualisation of several sport disciplines by recording specific data with a smartwatch. The captured data is then processed by developing fitting algorithms, which enables an artistic representation.


Poster Generator (Creative Coding I)

The Poster Generator enables you to create an individual poster influenced by Creative Coding visuals and aesthetics. This work is a collaboration with Zainab Tariq.