Prof. Dr. phil. Jens Eder

 Dr. phil. Jens Eder

Professor of Dramaturgy and Esthetics of Audiovisual Media

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Media studies

Key Research Subjects

  • Theory and analysis of audiovisual media (cinema, TV, Internet)
  • Narration, emotion, fiction, and documentation
  • Dramaturgy, rhetoric, esthetics of reception and effect
  • Current media discourses and socially relevant media strategies

Current Research Interests

  • Audiovisual emotions
  • Video activism and image operations in political conflicts
  • The impact of Web 2.0 and virtual reality on audiovisual media
  • Transmediality in hybrid media systems

Short Biography

Jens Eder studied Philosophy and Literary Studies with a focus on media and worked in the media industry for several years – among others, in the field of screenwriting and for NDR. After writing a book on dramaturgy in popular cinema, he obtained a PhD degree with his research on characters in feature films in 2002. In 2011, he qualified as a professor with his thesis on emotions in audiovisual media. From 1999, he taught Film, Media, and Communication Studies at the universities of Hamburg, Mainz, and Mannheim. Eder has been a professor in the interdisciplinary field of dramaturgy and esthetics at Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF since 2017.

Research Project
Since 2016: Member of the research group on Video Activism 2.0 between Social Media and Social Movements(together with Britta Hartmann and Chris Tedjasukmana). Funded by the Volkswagen

Selected Publications
A complete list of Eder's publications is available here: [PDF]
Drafts of several published texts are available for download here:

Recent publication: Image Operations. Visual Media and Political Conflict.Edited by Jens Eder and Charlotte Klonk. Manchester: Manchester University Press 2017. [Table of contents & introduction:

Selected Books

  • Die Figur im Film. Grundlagen der Figurenanalyse. Marburg: Schüren 2008, 2ndedition:2014. [Table of contents & ]
  • Dramaturgie des populären Films. Drehbuchpraxis und Filmtheorie.Hamburg: Lit 1999, 2ndedition:2007 (Beiträge zur Medienästhetik und Mediengeschichte, vol. 7). [Full book download:]
  • Medialität und Menschenbild.Edited byJens Eder, Joseph Imorde, andMaike Reinerth. Berlin: de Gruyter 2012 ("Medienkonvergenz"series, vol. 4). [Table of contents:]
  • Characters in Fictional Worlds: Understanding Imaginary Beings in Literature, Film, and Other Media.Edited byJens Eder, Fotis Jannidis, andRalf Schneider. Berlin: de Gruyter 2010. 
  • Audiovisuelle Emotionen. Emotionsdarstellung und Emotionsvermittlung durch audiovisuelle Medienangebote.Edited byAnne Bartsch, Jens Eder, andKathrin Fahlenbrach. Cologne: Herbert von Halem 2007. [Table of contents & introduction:]

Selected Essays in Journals & Collections (as of 2014)

  • Empathie und existentielle Gefühle im Film. In: Empathie im Film. Edited byÍngrid Vendrell andMalte Hagener. Bielefeld: Transcript 2017, pp. 237-270. [ ]
  • Affective Image Operations. In: Image Operations. Visual Media and Political Conflict. Edited byJens Eder andCharlotte Klonk. Manchester: Manchester University Press 2017, pp. 63-78.
  • Films and Existential Feelings. In: Projections. The Journal for Movies and Mind10(2) 2016, pp. 75-103.
  • Aus der Täterperspektive: Nähe und Erkenntnis im Dokumentarfilm. Montage/AV25/1/2016, pp. 45-62.
  • Transmediality and the Politics of Adaptation: Concepts, Forms and Strategies. In: The Politics of Adaptation. Media Convergence and Ideology.Edited byDan Hassler-Forest andPascal Nicklas. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan 2015, pp. 66-81.
  • Bilder der Finanzkrise. Interventionen des Dokumentarfilms. In: Montage/AV23/2/2015, pp. 35-58.
  • Film and Digital Media. In: The Johns Hopkins Guide to Digital Media. Edited byMarie-Laure Ryan, Lorie Emerson, andBenjamin Robertson. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press 2014, pp. 191-196.

Websites & Online Journals

  1. Menschenbilder in Medien, Künsten und Wissenschaften. Research portal (since 2011), edited byJens Eder, Maike Reinerth, Joseph Imorde, and Sven Stollfuß. URL:
  2. Medienwissenschaft: Berichte und Papiere. Bibliographic and mediographic online journal (since 2003), edited byJens Eder, Ludger Kaczmarek, and Hans J. Wulff. URL:

Selected Interviews on Eder's Research