Dr. Michael Schenk

Academic assistant / full-time instructor

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Born in Saxony in 1958, Michael Schenk spent his childhood and youth in Rathenow, Brandenburg. He pursued a Diplom degree in German Studies and Musicology at PH Potsdam to become a teacher and was a singer in various chanson and folk rock bands. In the research for his PhD in Musicology that he completed with magna cum laude, he dealt with Berlin's musical (theater) culture in the 18th century. From 1985 to 1987, he was an academic assistant at PH Potsdam, specializing in music theory, aural theory, and musical analysis. From 1987 to 1997, he worked at HFF Konrad Wolf as a senior academic assistant and lecturer in the school's Acting and Sound programs. He participated in national and international workshops on vocal techniques and voice training as well as improvisation, composition, and music education. From 1997, he worked as a freelance sound artist and sound documentarian and wrote music for theater and dance productions, multimedia performances, films, and radio broadcasts. He worked in the US, Mexico, Mongolia, Brazil, and Italy and lectured at HFF Konrad Wolf, the University of Potsdam, and FH Lausitz. Schenk has been an academic assistant and instructor in FUBKW's Acting program since 2010. He is a father of two sons (Mario, born in 1981, and Adrian, born in 1985).


Chanson / choral singing / music theory (acting)

Research and Teaching Interests

  • Media-specific vocal performance
  • History of popular music
  • Vocals in contemporary music
  • Musical improvisation

Numerous song and chanson compositions

Soundscapes and musique concrètecompositions / sound collages

  • Schattenschrift: CD production for the poems of Klaus-Dieter Brunotte and the artist's book by Sigrid Noack,1997
  • fu(e)gato con fuoco. Ein jenensische Schweißerkanzone: CD production commissioned by the Jena Institute of Joining Technology and Materials Engineering (IFW), 1998
  • Klangorte & Hörbilder Brandenburgs: collaborative CD production for the Kulturland Brandenburg festival, 2004  

Music for documentaries and promotional videos

  • Das verkaufte Dorf: feature film, produced by ORB, 1996
  • Babelsberg – Studiotour: promotional video for the Potsdam-Babelsberg film theme park, 1996
  • In Zukunft Thüringen: promotional video commissioned by the state of Thuringia for EXPO 2000
  • Hoyerswerda, unsere Heimat:documentary, directed by Tamara Ludwig, produced by HFF Konrad Wolf, 2004

Music for feature films

  • Kleingeld (directed by Marc-Andreas Bochert) - Academy Award 1999 (Student Academy Award in the category Best Foreign Language Film); nominated for an Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film (2000); Silver German Short Film Award (1999)
  • Die Spezialistenshow (directed by Marc-Andreas Bochert) - Children's film for the ZDF series "Achterbahn" (2000)
  • Weihnachten (directed by Marc-Andreas Bochert) - TV film produced by Boje-Buck-Produktion/WDR, premiere on ARD in 2002

Selected Projects

Compositions / sound collages for theater plays and performances

  • Music for various theater performances at HFF Konrad Wolf, including Bertolt Brecht's Baal (directed by C.-M. Antoni), Berliner Ensemble, 1996
  • Outdoor sound environment Knobelsdorff-Antike-Italien for the Potsdam Sanssouci Music Festival, 1999
  • Music for Euripides's Hekabe (directed by H.-J. Lonius), Theater Junge Generation, Dresden, 2000
  • Wir erwarten den OBERDADA!! poesien, collagen, ereignisse, improvisationen, lautgedichte, szenisches, experimentelles: direction and participation in the project, Potsdam, 2001
  • Composition and live sound arrangements for the performance of König Ubu (directed by Robert Cantarella) in collaboration with Udo Koloska, Hans-Otto-Theater Potsdam, 2002/2003
  • Undine...: text and sound collage based on the novellas by Friedrich de la Motte Fouqué and Ingeborg Bachmann (in collaboration with the actress Heidi Zengerle), 2003
  • Aggregat K: a 4-channel live audio play based on texts by Carlfriedrich Claus (HPBG Potsdam and CC-Gedenkstätte Annaberg-Buchholz, 2014)

Compositions for exhibitions on specific artists and subjects (with a focus on abstract / expressive or concrete / reductive art)

  • Heinz Mack (Brandenburgische Kunstsammlungen, Cottbus, 1994)
  • Sigrid Noack (Hannover, 1994 + Wolfenbüttel, 1999)
  • Thomas Lenk (Cottbus + Ingolstadt, 1995)
  • Novemberbilder – Adler/Hornig/Lenk/Mack/Pfahler/Göschel/Penck/Strawalde/Sommer-Landgraf/Petrovsky/Voigt (Meerane, Dresden, 2002)
  • "EUROPA konkret": art & technology university collections, Altana-Galerie, TU Dresden – reading and theatrical / musical event, in collaboration with Eugen Grominger (2004)

Sound art for specific media and electroacoustic arrangements (with a focus on public spaces)

  • Dem Vergnügen der Einwohner: An oratorio-like, documentary, 4-channel sound spectacle accompanying the Potsdamer Blas-Glocken-Spiel, featuring a narrator, a chamber ensemble, a choir, and sound on tape (2001)
  • 37 Miniaturen: sound installations accompanying the exhibition "Natur-Strukturen-Räume" (by Dorothea Nerlich and Marianne Foerster), pavilion of Freundschaftsinsel Potsdam, 2004
  • Sound design for the object and sound installation Begehbare Farbräume, Landesgartenschau Rathenow, 2006
  • DurchDringend Steinhude: sound installation for the art installation of the same name (by Inge-Rose Lippok), Scheunenviertel Steinhude, produced by Meerkunstverein Steinhude, 2004
  • Sound installation klangort FONTANE! for the opening of Villa Quandt in Potsdam, 2007
  • Sound collage Spurensicherung for the opening of the exhibition "MACHT BESSER!", FH Potsdam, 2009

Teaching Activities

  • Numerous concepts, compositions, arrangements, rehearsals, and coachings for the public performance of chansons / songs, both within and outside the university setting
  • Lectures and workshops on the following topics: "degenerate art", concrete music, film and theater music, contemporary vocal music, sound art, voice and breathing, sound and speech, etc.

Artistic and Organizational Project Supervision

  • intersonanzen.brandenburgisches fest der neuen musik: festival, 2000-2011
  • klänge - bilder - visionen - ein fest der moderne_alles Natur!?...: an encounter with contemporary art, BUGA Potsdam, 2001
  • sound in the city – hörzeit unterm atlas: event series, 2007-2009

Voluntary Work

  • Member of the Association of Composers and Musicologists (VKM) of the GDR from 1987 to 1990
  • Brandenburgischer Verein Neue Musik e. V. (since 1991, founding member and chairman from 2007 to 2015)
  • klangforum brandenburg e. V. (since 2004, founding member and chairman since 2007)
  • Lebendige Erde - Sacred Earth e. V. – Association for the Support of Indigenous Peoples (since 1997, founding member)
  • Liebenberger Freundeskreis Libertas e. V. – Association for the Memory of the Members of the "Red Orchestra" Resistance Movement  (since 2006, founding member)
  • Bühnenfreunde Michendorf e. V. (member since 2012)