Rainer Hoffmann

Visiting professor of "Cinematography for Non-fiction Genres" at Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF

Born in Hamburg, Rainer Hoffmann studied Engineering and subsequently participated in expeditions to the Arctic Ocean, Greenland, Iceland, and the Labrador Sea. Moreover, he worked for various Hamburg-based advertising agencies as a photographer.

From 1982 to 1987, Hoffmann studied at Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie Berlin (DFFB). In 2001, he established the "Der zweite Blick" documentary film initiative together with Thomas Schadt, Andres Veiel, Heidi Specogna, Tamara Trampe, and Johann Feindt. He has been involved in international projects as a freelance cinematographer and director since 1987.


Cinematography for film and television

Key Activities

Rainer Hoffmann's focus of work is on cinematic documentaries. He has worked on location for international television stations such as BBC World as well as in the field of advertising and corporate video. In collaboration with Yoko Ono, he created a series of artistic experimental films.

Selected Film Projects and Publications

  • "DER GEIST RUFT AUS DER FERNE" (2014/15) – director and cinematographer (co-director: Erika Harzer)
  • "PEPE MUJICA – DER PRÄSIDENT" (2014) – cinematographer (director: Heidi Specogna) www.pepe-mujica.de
  • "MAJUBS REISE" (2013) – cinematographer (director: Eva Knopf) www.Vimeo.com/77801442 
  • "TOKYO ́S BELLY" (2012/13) – cinematographer (director: R. Dettmer-Finke) www.tokyosbelly.com
  • "INSIDE EL PORVENIR" (2011/12) – cinematographer & co-director (with Erika Harzer) www.elporvenir-film.com
  • "SHADOW FILM" (2010) – cinematographer (director: Yoko Ono)
  • "DAS SCHIFF DES TORJÄGERS" (2009/10) – cinematographer (director: Heidi Specogna) www.schiff-des-torjaegers.de
  • "TANZ TRÄUME" (2008/09) – cinematographer & co-director (with Anne Linsel) www.realfictionfilme.de
  • Special Jury Award, 39th Dance on Camera Festival, New York, Best Documentary, 2010 Cinedance Film Festival, Amsterdam
  • "PAINTINGS TO BE CONSTRUCTED IN YOUR HEAD" (2007) – cinematographer (director: Yoko Ono)
  • "DER GOTTESKRIEGER UND SEINE FRAU" (2006) – cinematographer (director: Gert Monheim), Deutscher Fernsehpreis 2007
  • "DAS KURZE LEBEN DES JOSE ANTONIO GUTIERREZ" (2006) – cinematographer (director: Heidi Specogna) www.antonio-derfilm.de,Adolf-Grimme-Preis 2008, Schweizer Filmpreis 2007
  • Deutscher Filmpreis LOLA Nominierung 2007
  • "SHOAH AND PIN-UPS: The NO!- Artist Boris Lurie" (2004) – cinematographer (directors: R. Dettmer-Finke, M. Reichelt) www.borislurie-derfilm.de
  • "BERLIN 1945 – DAS ENDE" (2003) – cinematographer (director: Sven Ihden)
  • "DIE SPIELWÜTIGEN" (Teil: 1997) (2003) – cinematographer (director: Andres Veiel)
  • "DER SCHWARZE PROPHET" (2002) – cinematographer (director: Dietmar Buchmann)
  • "TUPAMAROS" (1997) – cinematographer & co-director (with Heidi Specogna), Coral Award, 1997 International Festival of New Latin American Cinema, Havana, Cuba
  • "ISOLATOR II" (1995) – cinematographer (director: Martin Zawadzki), Adolf-Grimme-Preis 1998
  • "Z-MAN’S KINDER" (1994) – cinematographer (director: Heidi Specogna)
  • "CHARLOTTE – LEBEN ODER THEATER" (1992) – cinematographer (director: Richard Dindo)
  • "DECKNAME ROSA" (1992) – cinematographer (director: Heidi Specogna), Berner Filmpreis 1992
  • "TANIA LA GUERRILLERA" (1990) – cinematographer (director: Heidi Specogna)
  • "BLOSS KEIN LA PALOMA" (1984) – cinematographer & director