Michael Ufer: Temporal Forms of Love. The Intimacies of Cinematic and Serial Movement Images

The project is concerned with the interplay of love, its figurations, and the medium of the movement image. Not least, the poetological theory and analysis of the temporal forms of love will make present-day intimacies of the movement image tangible.

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Where to learn about love if not from stories? In any case, intimate love can hardly be thought of without the figurations of falling in and out of love, of longing and jealousy, of pleasure and pain. The ubiquity of cinematic and serial figurations of love corresponds to this.

The self-evident nature of these findings, however, is contrasted by a lack of understanding of the interplay of love, its figurations, and the medium of the movement image – or with an understanding that subordinates them to the representational logic of models of love to be reproduced. From a consistently poetological perspective, the project counters this with the theory and analysis of a time-forming link of production processes: of the production of intimacy, of the figurations of the movement image themselves as productions, and of the movement-image which is to be continuously produced as a medium of the situation of love.

In this way, their own temporal forms become conceivable as a nexus of intimate love and its figurations in movement images – not least to make present-day intimacies of the movement image tangible, as they are found in the face of an inevitable connectivity, e.g. that of mobile dating apps.

  • Project lead: Michael Ufer
  • Contact: m.ufer(at)filmuniversitaet.de / michael.ufer(at)fu-berlin.de
  • CV: Michael Ufer is a researcher of the Filmuniversität Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF at “Cinepoetics – Center for Advanced Film Studies.” He studied film studies and philosophy at the Freie Universität Berlin. Other research interests besides the temporal forms of love are: audiovisual discourses of sexuality, media self-reflexivity, poetics of seriality, theories of cinematic images, audiovisual culture.
  • Website: http://www.cinepoetics.fu-berlin.de/team/ufer/index.html 
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  • Scientific PhD in the discipline:  Media Studies