Artist Training is a qualification programme for artistic collectives in exile
A qualification programme for artistic collectives in exile

The project ARTIST TRAINING is a qualification programme offered by the UdK Berlin Career College in cooperation with Filmuniverstität Babelsberg aiming at the qualification, consulting, and networking of artists in exile. The goals are networking with the Berlin cultural and creative industries by getting to know the institutions and their employees, the establishment on the Berlin labour market and the strategic positioning in the respective artistic orientation.

The new project Artist Training ARTISTIC COLLECTIVES is a qualification programme for five artist collectives from the sectors of music, fine arts, performing arts, film, and an interdisciplinary working group. Artist Training offers a support for five months with a full programme: a training unit consisting of 30 hours with monthly workshops according to individual goals, two individual consultations, the presentation of artistic work at a venue and the exchange among all groups. In addition, the Digital BASICS convey basic topics of self-employment with two hours of online teaching and 12 hours of in-depth workshops.

Artist Training FILM COLLECTIVES III is supervised by Henner Winckler & Jalal Maghout.

Open Call for the third edition is closed: 1 May to 21 May 2021 here.

Application & Requirements


  • The Artist Training project is open to professional artists in exile living in Berlin.
  • One can apply as a group of min. two with a film project.
  • We explicitly request animation film makers to apply.
  • Applicants/collectives are required to present their project in a 3-5 page exposé with a rough timeline and needs for support over the next six months.


  • Artist Training seeks artistic groups with a clear vision and need for professional support and consultation within the next six months.  
  • Artist Training is interested in proposals that have the potential to achieve a result which can be presented in public.


Every member of the collective has to register with:

  • Curriculum vitae incl. filmography (max. two pages).
  • A 3-5 page exposé of your project (logline, duration, techniques, story treatment) and a list of professional support needed to realize the concept.
  • Links to two or three films or projects representing your artistic approach.
  • Please register with your personal data, attachments and the name of your group


Please register with your personal data, three attachments and the name of your collective.


What we provide

  • 30 hours of training units with film experts, i.e. (online) workshops, individual consulting and networking from January to May 2021 + 14 hours of basics of how to work as a freelancer in Germany
  • Kickoff meeting: 12 January from 10 am - 3.00 pm workshop.
  • One-on-one consultation session based on your personal goals.
  • Promotion of the artistic work.