Filmuni Summer School

Creative Coding for Beginners 2022

The Hands-on Basics course gives you a clear understanding of programming with p5. You will apply your newly gained knowledge directly in a variety of practical exercises.

Datum / Dauer:
12. – 16.09.2022
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The digital transformation of our world has opened up new paths for the expression of creativity. The world of algorithms should no longer be left to computer specialists and software developers but should also be explored by creatives. 

Learning how to program has become an meaningful skill for those who want to express themselves artistically. Traditionally, coding is used for producing functional applications but it can be an equally powerful tool for creating expressive applications in the fields of visual art, design, games and interactive experiences.

In the five-day online course "Creative Coding for Beginners", participants will acquire basic programming skills and implement creative coding examples, using the popular, open source web-basedprogramming framework, p5.

Through exercises participants will practice algorithmic thinking and learn how translate creative ideas into code and how to implement a wide range of practical examples with a special focus on graphics, sound and interactivity. After the five-day courseparticipants are encouraged to develop their own project and receive technical and creative support in two additional follow up meetings where they can directly apply the newly gained knowledge to further their individual ideas.

No technical background or prior programming knowledge is required for this course.


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