Promoting Diversity – Respecting Boundaries

As a place of education, communication, and interaction, the Film University represents diversity and opposes discrimination. The school's goal is to offer its members the best possible conditions for the development of their creativity, individuality, and personality. Within the scope of its responsibility, the Film University is actively committed to providing an environment free of discrimination and, in consideration of the freedom of art, science, research, and teaching guaranteed by the Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany, strives to protect the rights of individuals and their personal boundaries as defined by the law. All members of the university are required to actively and sensitively contribute to a work and studying environment that is characterized by tolerance as well as the mutual respect for personal boundaries and in which there is no room for discrimination or violations of the law.

Discrimination shall be taken to occur when persons are treated less favorably on the grounds of their protected characteristics. These characteristics form a significant part of their personality, are difficult or impossible to change, and part of social inequalities. What matters in an act of discrimination is the result, not the motive (purpose, thoughtlessness, administrative practice, etc.).

Advancement of Women

With its guidelines for the advancement of women, the Film University actively promotes the de facto equal treatment of women and men. The guidelines complement and substantiate this legal obligation.

The goal is to achieve equal representation of women and to actively support women. The Film University has passed regulations to increase the proportion of women in fields in which they are underrepresented to 50% and to ensure equal opportunities for all female members of the university. In occupational fields with a high proportion of women and few career development opportunities, the university strives to remove disadvantages for women. Measures aiming at increasing the proportion of women in scientific and artistic positions are based on the share of women at the respective preceding level of qualification.



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Financial means provided by the school's Equality Office helped improve the visibility of gender- and queer-theory-related media in the library. We invite all members of the university to take a seat in the chairs and get inspired by the changing offer of books and media. Also, the Equality Office welcomes all suggestions for new purchases. We look forward to your visit and your feedback.