PhD Martha Emilie Ehrich

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Martha Emilie Ehrich

Postdoc "Gender Equity Policy (GEP) Analysis" (DFG/ESRC/SSHRC 2021-2024)

Recent publications:

Ehrich, M. (2020). Neither new nor heterarchic. Inter-organizational networks throughout the history of the Dutch paper and board industry. Doctoral dissertation. Radboud University. URL

Ehrich, M. (forthcoming). Dialectical Network Analysis: A Critical Approach for Researching Networks in Management and Organization Studies. In M. Godwyn (Ed.), Research Handbook on the Sociology of Organizations. Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar Publishing.

Ehrich, M. (forthcoming). Be(coming) Me(thodology): The Ghosted Academic. In S. Robinson, A. Bristow & O. Ratle, (Eds.), Doing Academic Careers Differently: Portraits of Academic Life. New York, USA: Routledge.