GEECT Transversal Entanglement – Artistic Research in Film

International Journal Film and Media Arts, Vol.7 No.1 (2022), Special Issue

ISSN 2183-9271
Guest Editors: Gesa Marten and Jyoti Mistry
Editor: Manuel José Damásio
Film and Media Arts Department / Lusófona University

This special issue is the result of two processes that approach artistic research from the domains of artistic practice in film and its implications for research in film education institutions. The first part of the editorial describes the impetus for the conference Transversal Entanglement: Artistic Research in Film organized and hosted by the Institute for Artistic Research IKF at Film University Babelsberg, with considerable support from GEECT, which took place from 3-5 June 2021 – on site and online. The second was through an open call for papers on the topic of artistic research in film and audiovisual media which aimed to augment and expand the scope of the submissions generated from the conference.

We undertake a detailed contextualization of the Transversal Entanglement conference because it goes some way to framing the interrogation and implications of artistic research in film schools and film programmes across European institutions and then more broadly from global examples. Moreover, the spectrum of the conference curation provided diverse, open, new, queer and critical approaches, methods and procedures as well as perspectives on topics negotiated by researchers through their artistic practices. We have retained the term Transversal Entanglement for this issue because it is a continuation of thethreads on artistic research in film initiated from the conference and continued in this journal issue.

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