Establishing an entrepreneurship strategy for Film University's future

Film University started as one of the first art universities to support creative start-ups and freelancers. We build up a wide range of trainings. We have established consulting services and we have built up a pool of outstanding coaches who support creative talents in their start into self-employment. Now it is time to go one step further.

In order to achieve the overarching goal of moving from a good to an excellent start-up culture, the MOVE2startup-team aims to develop suitable solutions in five different work packages (WP) based on the experience of best practices and the specific challenges of the Film University. Film University is including outstanding international and national experts via interviews, guest lectures, joint workshops, minimal viable products (MVPs) / prototypes and (user) testing. Our main working fields at the moment are:

WP 1: Development of an overarching strategy, establishing of a network

Our goal is to reach visibility for our concept and to reach a broud backing by internal and external stake-holders.

WP 2: Development of an synergetic hub structure

Through the intelligent integration of innovation structures, we want to promote entrepreneurial thinking and behaviour.

WP 3: Inter-university, interdisciplinary Solution Camps

From our partners at home and abroad we want to learn how heterogeneous team constellations can be fostered.

WP 4: Collaboration with industry and research location for creative entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship starts with compelling challenges. We want to intensify the cooperation with the industry and research-partners for new business ideation processes.

WP 5: MOVE2expert

Building up closer links between start-up-concepts and scientific expertise.

MOVE2startup is funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi) as part of the EXIST programme.