Markus Traber

 Markus Traber

Creative Technologies | Year 2018

In October 2018, Markus Traber, began to study Creative Technologies at Film University Babelsberg. Before that, he had been studying Digital Media at the Fulda University of Applied Sciences, where he got his bachelor's degree in early 2017. In the meantime, he worked as a software developer at a local firm in his home town, Fulda.

Also in 2017, he and three fellow students from Fulda University, founded their company fuchsteufels, which is focused on developing audio-visual creations in the context of art and technology.

In early 2018, his co-founder, Jennifer Beitel, who has been in the Creative Technologies studies program since late 2017, approached him with a study project of hers, which would be exhibited mid 2018 at the festival "Stadt für eine Nacht" in Potsdam. Together, they implemented the project Shadowing — a kind of photo-booth for your shadow. When later that year Markus began his Creative Technologies, he decided to develop the project further as his orientation project.

Mid 2019, Bahar Bektas,  Jennifer Beitel and Markus won the first price with their transmedial concept for the series KAI at the Transmedia Preis. The Transmedia Preis is an ideas competition within the Filmfest München and the Fritz Gerlich Preis. The series KAI is about risks, benefits and ethical matters of artificial intelligence.

For him, to keep working, coffee is an essential part. But he also developed an interest in trying out different varieties of coffee. Therefore he really likes to meet up with friends in a café or roastery to broaden his coffee horizon as much as possible.



Shadowing is a kind of photo-booth for your shadow. Visitors\* can take pictures of their shadows and download them directly to their smartphones. Furthermore, Markus added an artificial intelligence (AI) assistant to guide participants through the photo-making process. He ephasized on making the interaction with the AI entertaining and funny.

To find out more about Shadowing, have a look at this page.



The four former fellow students Alexander Oettinger, Marlen Frieß, Jennifer Beitel and Markus Traber founded fuchsteufels in 2017. Since then, they continually realized different multidisciplinary projects in the audio-visual context.

To find out more, have a look at their website: