Stephan Schill und Kristine Keil

 Stephan Schill und Kristine  Keil

Pitch and Presentation Training

Name: Kristine Keil und Stephan Schill

Startup-experts at Gründungsservice in the field of: Pitch – Presenting Business Models

Professional background:

Stephan Schill is an

  • actor and certified music educator.
  • Presentation and communication trainer
  • since 2015 trainer at Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF, Department of Directing, Screenwriting/Dramaturgy and Startup Service

Kristine Keil

  • Lecturer for movement and dance at Filmuniversität Babelsberg Konrad Wolf, Department of Acting
  • Presentation and communication trainer
  • since 2015, trainer in the department of directing/screenwriting/dramaturgy and start-up service

Training content:

  • Warm-up for body and voice
  • Presenting complex ideas, concepts in a generally understandable and sustainable way with the help of symbols, comparisons, objects
  • Developing the ability to identify relevant information using creative methods, sorting out unimportant information with regard to target group orientation.
  • Placing pauses where a mental context is completed

The coaching is aimed in particular at: Founders and students who want to present their ideas and projects in a confident and sustainable way.

What you can expect in coaching: We focus on personality and its effect, on perceiving, becoming aware of one's own body posture, gestures and language for a conscious examination of one's own personal means, which in turn are the starting point for targeted training of performance and presentation situations. The training consists of practical exercises, group work and discussion and feedback rounds.