Julia Dufek: Beyond Vision - a holistic investigation of creative figurative creation processes in three-dimensional space

An artistic-scientific investigation of creative, figurative creation processes in analogue and digital three-dimensional space and the relevance of proprioception and haptics for the same.

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Today’s most ubiquitous digital interface for human-computer interaction is the two-dimensional screen. Our most common input devices are keyboard, mouse, stylus pen and touch screen. In contrast to these devices stand the analogue sculpture and stop-motion animation processes, very haptic, in a three-dimensional space with the artist as an integrated part of this creation space.

The thesis attempts to elicit a better understanding of these processes, in particular, to show the sensitive interplay of the artist, his/her tools, the work and space – as a choreography in its own time and space. Furthermore, a comparison is made with the digital equivalents, computer animation and digital sculpting, to determine whether the latter are just stationary acts of sitting in front of a screen or something more.

This work aims to expand the existing knowledge of how we create three-dimensional art in both analogue and digital space.