Conflict Management and Mediation

Working with others may involve conflict. However, conflicts are neither destructive nor constructive by nature – it is the way we deal with them that leads to negative or, respectively, positive consequences for those involved. Conflicts tend to gradually develop, grow, and intensify over time. The longer we avoid addressing conflicts, the more difficult it becomes to resolve them in an exclusively constructive manner.

Our Conflict Management Office offers advice and mediation in conflict situations, provides support for conflict prevention, and helps you in case of psychological stress. Every inquiry is treated in a neutral manner and with strict confidentiality.

The Conflict Management Office offers the following services:

  • Conflict counseling (solo or group sessions)
  • Mediation (neutral assistance in resolving a conflict)
  • Facilitation (e.g., mediated discussions between students and instructors of a program or among larger groups)
  • Counseling in case of psychological stress that might affect your studies
  • Help in case of discrimination
  • Support in finding help outside the university (e.g., external mediators, coaches, or therapists)