Artistic Qualification

The basic requirement for artistic qualification is the status as an academic member of staff at the Babelsberg Film University. External artistic qualifications are not accepted; the master-class program is available for this purpose.

Within the scope of an employment as an artistic member of staff, young artists at the Film University have the opportunity to carry out an independent research and qualification project. The implementation of the project in the employment phase is to be explicitly promoted through expert supervision at the professorial level as well as corresponding institutional framework conditions. Networking in the industry and within the trades, as well as establishment in the university sector, open up a wide variety of professional development opportunities for the artists.

From 2022 onwards, a state-recognized certificate with a corresponding assessment is awarded as proof of completion, presentation, and acceptance of the qualification project. This formalization represents a trend-setting step towards an institutional establishment of artistic research.

You can find the current and completed projects here.