PhD Programs

Our university offers two types of individual doctorates that differ in terms of their content and structure: traditional scientific and artistic / scientific PhD programs.

In 2001, the Film University was granted the right to award doctorates in the discipline of Media Studies. In this traditional scientific PhD program, graduates will be awarded the title of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) following the successful completion of their dissertation and oral examination. In relation to the total number of students enrolled at the university, the number of PhD students is very high. Due to the excellent reputation of the school's Media Studies department, many graduates from other universities apply for a PhD at the Film University.

Following extensive preparations, the university added a scientific / artistic PhD program to its offer in the winter semester of 2016/2017. The program comprises of a scientific dissertation and an artistic research project and is a novelty in the German academic landscape. Unlocking a lot of creative potential for reflection and knowledge-building, scientific / artistic PhD programs are already well-established, e.g., in the UK, Austria, Scandinavia, the US, and Australia. With the introduction of scientific / artistic PhD programs, the Film University adjusts to international standards. Currently, a scientific / artistic PhD can be obtained in Film and Television Production, Screenwriting / Dramaturgy, and Film Heritage. Further disciplines will be added in the years to come. Students who successfully complete the program will be awarded the title of PhD in Art.