PhD Programs

The Film University offers two programs of individual PhD studies, differing in type and implementation: the traditional scientific PhD and the scientific/artistic PhD.

Since 2001, the Film University has held the right to award a PhD in the subject of media studies. In this traditional scientific doctorate, the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Dr. phil.) is awarded based on a dissertation thesis and a passed oral examination. In the winter semester 2016/17, after an intensive preparatory phase, the scientific/artistic PhD program was introduced. This PhD program, consisting of an academic dissertation and an artistic research project, is still considered a novelty in the German research landscape. It is available in the Film and Television Production, Screenwriting/Dramaturgy and Film Heritage programs and is to be extended to other subjects in the coming years. It concludes with the title Dr. phil. in art. (philosophiae in artibus).

We assist our PhD students by providing a wide range of events at the Film University's Graduate Academy. PhD students are supported by the Film University's strong and experienced partners. Interdisciplinary skills such as writing and presentation techniques, the acquisition of third-party funding, didactic teaching planning, and project management are taught here in cooperation with the Brandenburg Center for Media Studies, the Potsdam Graduate School of the University of Potsdam, the Netzwerk Studienqualität Brandenburg, and the Dahlem Research School of Freie Universität Berlin. Additionally, PhD students are informed about various funding opportunities for their dissertation projects.

Deadline for application: 15. Januar / 15. Juni

Send your application to Julia Scho.