Screenwriting / Dramaturgy

An idea and its development into a concept form the starting point of any film project. Usually, the screenplay is the basis of the work of all crafts involved in filmmaking.

In the Screenwriting / Dramaturgy M.A. program, students learn how to write screenplays for feature films and gain in-depth knowledge of dramaturgy. Thus, the program builds on the base established by the B.A. program that allows students to acquire basic dramaturgical skills and to prepare their first feature-length project. Involving everything from the discussion of ideas to story development, the training provided aims at the production of feature and television films that add new and exciting impulses to the media landscape.

Students further refine their individual thematic and esthetic signatures and learn how to intelligently combine artistic demands with market orientation. The focus of the program is on the development of a feature-length screenplay as well as of further material. To promote interdisciplinarity and to lay the foundations for future collaborations, the program encourages working closely together with students enrolled in the Directing and Film and Television Production M.A. programs.

Connections to established and experienced directors, producers, and program managers aim at turning as many graduation projects (i.e. feature film or television screenplays) as possible into films.

Successful completion of the Screenwriting / Dramaturgy B.A. program, of a German Diplom program with a focus on screenwriting, fine arts, or media, or of a comparable program.

Degree: Master of Arts (M.A.)

Program Duration: 4 semesters (120 credits)

Program Entry: Winter term

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