As an art university, we combine artistic, technological, and academic competencies. Together with our cooperation partners, we contribute to the further development of the media industry and make an important contribution to film and media education in the region.

Storytelling & Format Development

We are experts in storytelling - a creative skill that is important in all phases of the cinematic creation process: from format, story and screenplay development to production, marketing, and audience reception. We are proficient in cinematic and serial storytelling in all moving image formats and on all narrative levels (image, sound, space) all the way to transmedia storytelling.

Immersive & Emerging Media

In teaching, research as well as cooperation projects, we actively apply and continuously expand our competencies in the application and further development of interactive digital technologies (image & sound) and new narrative means. Fields of innovation include serious games, augmented, mixed and virtual reality as well as data visualization and volumetric video.

Digital Production Technologies & Workflows

We possess sound theoretical knowledge as well as tried-and-tested know-how when it comes to the use and further development of digital technologies and the associated working methods in the production of audiovisual content. This includes, for example, the fields of digital previsualization or virtual environments, virtual/augmented reality production and the use of metadata in film production.

Artificial Intelligence

The Film University is a competent partner for the use of AI in the creative and media industry, especially in film production. We address the interaction of AI and humans from a technological-artistic point of view.

Culture of Remembrance

In both theory and practice, we research the preservation, accessibility, and communication of film as a cultural heritage and thus look back on and reappraise the basis of our audiovisual culture of remembrance. With the help of a comprehensive press and media collection, our own film archive, and in cooperation with the Filmmuseum Potsdam and numerous partner institutions, we open up the medium in its historicity.

Media Use, Reception, and Impact

We reflect on new media phenomena and the change of audiovisual formats, shed light on digital platforms such as social media, streaming services and online festivals and discuss the change of user behavior through these forms of media consumption. In addition, we analyze the impact of media and its content on various groups of recipients, such as children and adolescents, among others. We contribute our media science insights and methodological competencies to the joint processing of application-related questions by external partners.

Film Education

The Filmuni Summer School, the Kinderfilmuni Babelsberg, the Kinderfilmuni on Tour, the Junge Filmuni on Tour and the Filmmuseum Potsdam design film education programs for children, young people, young professionals, and teachers. We enable them to access and understand film. Parallel to film theory, we also address film practice: we demonstrate tools and techniques for producing films on their own.

Innovative Forms of Scientific Communication

We create opportunities for scientists and artists to work together. Using media forms of presentation and artistic perspectives, we work with external partners to render complex topics comprehensible and develop new forms of social dialog. Together we search for artistic and creative answers to the challenges of our time.