Research needs structures. The institutes located at or associated with the Film University provide a framework for cooperation, promote internal and external communication, thereby increasing visibility. Consequently, the institutes support our university in profiling national and international collaborations as well as in cooperating with regional and supra-regional research partners, especially from the field of media and creative industries.

IKF – Institut für künstlerische Forschung

The IKF (Institute for Artistic Research) is the center for artistic research at the Film University Babelsberg. As an active platform for discourse, the IKF has an integrating and impulse-giving role. It supports artistic research and its visibility. The IKF actively contributes to the networking of researchers at the Film University and is an interface to the international discourse of artistic research.

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FMP - Filmmuseum Potsdam

The Filmmuseum Potsdam, established in 1981, has been an institute of our university since July 2011. The ever-growing collections on Babelsberg's film history are a treasure trove not only for scholars, curators, and students, but for anyone interested in film. The integration of the museum with its rich history into one of the most modern film universities in Germany has created an innovative model for combining research and curatorial work in the field of film history with contemporary artistic practice at the media hub Potsdam.

Website Filmmuseum Potsdam

ZeM - Brandenburgisches Zentrum für Medienwissenschaften

The ZeM (Center for Media Studies) is a joint research institution of the universities in the Federal State of Brandenburg. Its objective is to achieve renewed visibility of the multifaceted media studies topics in research and teaching, as well as to contribute to the profiling of the Federal State of Brandenburg as a location for media and science. The ZeM's activities focus on the establishment of a structured range of colloquia and workshops for PhD students, the awarding of scholarships and fellowships, the organization of international guest lectures and interdisciplinary lecture series, symposia, and conferences, as well as the preparation and implementation of joint research projects. 

Website ZeM

CX Studio

The Creative Exchange Studio (CX Studio) is a new initiative from the film university, undertaking research in the fields of immersive audio-visual and interactive media, and in new forms of film and video production. The goal of CX Studio is the accelerated development of the film university as a leading partner in the Babelsberg region both in cooperative, multi-disciplinary research and in the development of New Media.

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