Set Design

This Master program has 2 major fields of study - Production Design and VFX. The program enables students to further refine the artistic signature, which they have developed during their undergraduate studies, to work independently in the field of set design.

During the M.F.A. program, students focus on the research and conceptual development required for the creation of spaces, settings, costumes, and make-ups. They become familiar with digital filmmaking techniques and learn how to appropriately employ visual effects. Moreover, they engage in the academic discourse on film form in the disciplines of history, cultural studies, and humanities.

Managing the art department in numerous interdisciplinary film projects, students get the opportunity to put their knowledge about the philosophical, esthetical, ethical, and semiotic implications of the creation of images and spaces as well as about legal and economic aspects of set design into practice. These projects allow for both independent creative work during the conceptual phase and professional teamwork during implementation.

Successful completion of the Set Design B.F.A. program or comparable qualifications.

Degree: Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.)

Program Duration: 6 Semester (120 LP)

Program Entry: Winter term

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