The film university's Directing B.F.A. program provides students with the theoretical, practical, and technical basics they need to develop their own artistic approach to film, television, and video media.

Courses aim at testing and improving students' ability to observe and create, identifying esthetic strategies through analysis, and allowing them to try different approaches to film work in practical exercises.

The interdisciplinary film projects F1 and F2 are at the core of the Directing B.F.A. program. In these non-fictional (F1) and fictional (F2) projects, students are involved in every step of the filmmaking process: from the initial idea and the development of concepts and scripts to production, image and sound postproduction, and editing. Working with students from other disciplines, they assume responsibility for the making of these films – many of which are screened and reviewed at international film festivals.

Coming from a practical background, I try to bring some of my curiosity and enthusiasm for artistic documentary film into the university and pass it on to the students.

Stefan Schwietert
Professor for Documentary Film Directing

Testimonial Maccarone

It is a living process, a journey that starts completely open-ended. For me, the first thing is to look and listen carefully: Who am I dealing with here?

Angelina Maccarone
Professor for Fictional and Documentary Film Directing

Degree: Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.)

Standard Period of Study: 8 Semesters

Start of Course: Winter Semester

Office of Study Course