Since its historical beginnings, film has been dealing with exploring reality and creating fictional worlds. At the same time, film has always been both a subject and a vehicle of reflection and criticism. As Germany's only film university, we consider it a privilege and challenge to pool and promote research in and about film.

Our research is based on an extended understanding of film that encompasses past, present, and future forms of narrative, time-based media. Creating a unique connection between perception, thinking, and emotion, film provides a model for approaching all types of moving images. Thus, we consider film a laboratory that allows for the creation and development of current and future media formats.

Our extended understanding of film necessitates an integral approach to research: The mutual inspiration of artistic experimentation, technological developments, and academic reflection gives birth to innovative projects that promote creative thinking, fresh insights, and new approaches to moving image media. Research and development are integrated into a process- and project-oriented approach to artistic and academic teaching, which also includes the early involvement of students. This provides graduates with unique perspectives.