Sound Design for Audiovisual Media

Music recording and music production are important components of a film production, but by no means the only ones. Students who study sound design for audiovisual media in the bachelor's program will be involved with all the basics of film sound production: From recording on location, to sound editing and sound design in the recording studio, to working in the mixing studio, where the final mix of all elements is created in the up-to-date cinema sound formats as well as Dolby Atmos.

The program enables graduates to independently complete all tasks in audio production, from recording to mixing. Students receive extensive training in the use of mobile and studio equipment and learn how to employ technology to meet artistic demands.

Working in sound always requires close collaboration with all crafts involved in film production: screenwriting / dramaturgy, directing, acting, producing, cinematography, animation, editing, set design, and film music. Throughout the program, various assignments and exercises allow students to put their extensive theoretical training into practice.

Students get the opportunity to work on projects in all fields – including documentary, feature, and animated films as well as audio plays, music productions, and elective media projects.


Degree: Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.)

Standard Period of Study: 6 Semesters

Start of Course: Winter Semester

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