Special Cases

Underage Applicants

Minor applicants need an application to participate in the university selection process.

Annex to the application for participation in the university selection procedure Consent for minors

Studying Without a University Entrance Qualification

Special Applications (NC)

The following applications only apply to the Digital Media Culture and Film Heritage programs:

Disadvantage Compensation

You can apply for disadvantage compensation when applying if there are special reasons that prevented you from achieving a better average high school diploma grade or a longer waiting period. Please see the information sheets for more details on applying for disadvantage compensation. 

Disadvantage Compensation for Improving the Average Grade

Disadvantage Compensation for Improving the Waiting Period

Preferential Admission

If you were unable to take up a previously obtained university place due to entered service, you have the possibility to apply for preferential admission under certain conditions. Please see the information sheet for more details.

Hardship Application

You can apply for immediate admission under the exceptional hardship quota by submitting a hardship application. Please see the information sheet for more details.  

Second Degree

This section is only relevant for an application for the Digital Media Culture degree program. If you already have successfully completed a degree at a state-recognized university and are interested in the Digital Media Culture (BA) program, apply for a second degree. Please see the information sheet for more details.