Animation Direction

Focusing on one-to-one instruction to promote individual artistic development, the film university's Animation Direction M.F.A. program enables students to expand their artistic, technical, dramaturgical, and concept design skills.

The master's program offers you the greatest possible artistic freedom to deepen your knowledge and skills and qualifies you for leading positions in the field of animation productions, which are united in the term "animation direction". Elementary are the further development of the artistic handwriting as well as the qualification of the students for a differentiated and researching approach to the artistic animation film.

In addition to preparation for professional independence, you will be instructed in planning an animation production and leading a team. The goal is the independent production of an artistic animated film or another complex animation project, e.g. artistic research, expanded animation, hybrid format, serial format, which finds its equivalent in the master project.

After graduation, our graduates find their way to animation studios in Germany and abroad as animators, directors or specialists such as storyboard artists or character TDs. They are established in the field of visual arts and produce artistic animation auteur films. Beyond that, our alumni found studios that successfully produce a wide variety of formats in the field of animation. A selection of studios and artistic activities founded by our alumni:

Degree: Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.)

Program Duration: 4 semesters 

Program Entry: Winter term

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