Young Academic Talent

Early career researchers drive further development in every scientific and artistic discipline. They ask different questions and find new, sometimes provocative answers. It is also because of these valuable impulses that the design of the postgraduate phase is of key importance for the Film University. In line with our special profile, the Film University has been offering both scientific and scientific/artistic PhD programs since 2016, which attract a host of interesting personalities and projects and have already achieved international appeal.

The promotion of young talent at the Film University addresses not only PhD students but also artistic staff members, postdocs, and staff in the phase between qualification and professorship. They are supported financially and in non-material ways in their research and career development through networking, consulting, and supporting programs. We promote interdisciplinary skills and competencies, raise awareness for the ethical and social responsibility of research, and encourage inter- and transdisciplinary exchange. Open spaces for discussion and creation between students, young academics and artists, postdocs, distinguished academics, and renowned artists are at the heart of the Film University's self-image.