Family-friendly University Structures

The Family Office is the central unit for family-friendly structures at the Film University and supports all aspects of the compatibility of family and work/studies for all members of the university. The Film University understands the diversity of life plans among its members and sees families in different shapes and forms.


Child Care

Day Care at Kindergarten „Am Filmpark“

The Film University has a long-lasting cooperation with Fröbel Potsdam and the bilingual Kindergarten „Am Filmpark“ is in walking distance to the Babelsberg Campus. It offers prolonged daily opening hours, is open during the summer holidays and offers a range of extra activities. The kindergarten offers places for children from six months onwards until the beginning of school age.

The university provides its members with children with some places in the Kindergarten. An official legal claim for a place in a Potsdam kindergarten is neccessary.

For enrollment, please contact the Family Office.


Flexible Care

The Film University offers all members of the university flexible childcare, in cooperation with „Die Kinderwelt“. If there is a need for a babysitter or general child care outside of the regular day care, please get in touch with the Family Office. If the need is connected to studying or working at the university, we also provide financial assistance.

On Campus


The Parent-Child-Office is a place to work for all members of the university that have to bring their child to work. The office is located in house 6 and offers a fully-equipped work place plus several anemities to entertain your child as well as a bed to sleep and a couch to rest. The key for the office can be borrowed at the main entrance in house 2.


Backpacks for Children

The backpacks are for all members and guests of the university that bring their child(ren) to the campus. The backpacks can be borrowed from the Family Office and contain a range of toys and things to keep oneself entertained.


For Personnel

Pregnancy, maternity protection and parental leave 

The Family Office is one of the first points of contact at the university when it comes to questions regarding pregnancy, maternity protection and parental leave. For a consultation appointment please contact the Family Office.

For Students

Maternity Protection

The German maternity protection law includes also students, an overview of the regulations can be found in the Intranet.


Financial support during your studies

The social counselling service of the Studentenwerk Potsdam offers students with child(ren) a range of support. Among these offers is a one-off payment for children of students at a Potsdam university of 200 Euros. You can find more information here.

For All

Care of relatives or attachment figures

The Family Office offers advice and information in the case of care duties for eldery and/or sick attachment figures and helps with information on how to find further contact points.


Children’s Christmas Celebration and Christmas Movies

Annual highlights are the christmas celebration for children of university members as well as the annual Christmas movie  for children from the kindergartens close to the Film University. 

Future Day Brandenburg

Every year the Zukunftstag in Brandenburgoffers a glimpse into different companies and institutions and tries to tackle stereotypes when it comes to career choices. As part of this day, the Film University invites every year students from highschools to learn about its offers.

Networks and Cooperations


For individual appointments via phone, video or in person, please contact Frauke Eckl.