Graduate Academy

The Film University's Graduate Academy offers a comprehensive program of courses, workshops, trainings, consulting and coaching specifically designed for young academics. In this way, it aims to support its graduates in successfully mastering all phases of their qualification. The Graduate Academy focuses on imparting the necessary knowledge and skills as well as interdisciplinary networking.


Objectives and Responsibilities

  • The aim of the Graduate Academy is to provide optimal support to the faculties of the Film University in the promotion of young talent.
  • The focus is on the development and coordination of an interdisciplinary qualification program for all phases of qualification.
  • The Graduate Academy is committed to providing good supervision of qualification projects and an accessible academic working culture that is attentive to individual needs and geared toward the greatest possible success for all.

Target Group

  • The Graduate Academy is intended for scientific and scientific/artistic PhD students, for staff members of the Film University who pursue artistic qualification projects, and for postdocs.


Coaching for Women

  • In the post-qualification phase, strategic goals are set for further career steps. The Graduate Academy aims to provide its participants with optimal support in this phase and offers them the opportunity to take advantage of coaching.
  • Coaching-Concept (PDF)

Mentoring Program for Highly Qualified Female Artists and Academics

Conflict Counseling and Mediation

  • The qualification period is fraught with many challenges. These can also lead to tensions with supervisors and colleagues.  To analyze and structure such conflict situations and, above all, to find a solution for constructive cooperation on the qualification project, the participants of the Graduate Academy can turn to the Film University's Conflict Counseling Center



To provide the best possible support for young academics, the Graduate Academy cooperates with several institutions. The Graduate Academy's participants benefit from numerous offers from the following institutions: