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The University Library, a central institution of the Film University, has existed since 1956, consisting of a system of 4 departments: Book Department/Subject Reference, Press Documentation, Media Library (Video Library/Film Archive).
In 1993, the former Zentrale Filmbibliothek (Berlin) and the University Library (Babelsberg) were merged. All film and media literature published in the German Democratic Republic GDR is now housed in the library of the Film University. In addition, the university library has the almost complete collection of DEFA screenplays as well as original-language specialist literature from Eastern Europe and film literature before 1945.

85 thematic journals are continuously obtained and are available for consultation in the reading room.
The function of the university library is defined in the Brandenburgisches Hochschulgesetz § 70. It is primarily available to students and lecturers of the Film University. However, students from other universities, film and media scholars, and people interested in film can also use the library.
The library not only offers information in the form of various media, but also sees itself as a place of communication.


Books department

The book stock currently comprises approx. 107.000 volumes (incl. periodicals). In this library area, the books are acquired, inventoried, catalogued and comprehensively indexed. The systematics as well as the extensive keyword register with approx. 1800 keywords are available for the content indexing.

If possible, all film, television and media science textbooks in German are purchased.  In addition, literature on the following topics will be purchased:

  • Theater studies (incl. plays)
  • Literary studies
  • Linguistics
  • Visual arts
  • Photography

Requests from university members will be gladly fulfilled as far as financially possible. If a book is no longer available or not in the library's stock, you can place your order for interlibrary loan.

We look forward to your personal visit to the library!


The University Library offers about 70 current, film and media studies journals  from Germany and abroad. In addition, our library owns about 1000 further journal titles, whose holdings can be accessed via our online catalog. At our library you have the possibility to view the journals and to copy them if necessary (this does not apply to the old stock).

In addition to our online catalog, you can also use the Zeitschriftendatenbank for journal title research. This provides an overview of the journal holdings in libraries throughout Germany.

Via the Elektronische Zeitschriftenbibliothek EZB you have convenient access to the full texts of online journals. This link provides you with a selection list of approx. 150 electronic journals on the subject of film, television and media studies.

However, if you cannot find a particular journal or article in our library, you can place an order with us via interlibrary loan.

More tips on the topic of journals

Newspaper clippings archive (see below):

  • In our press documentation you will find an extensive, continuously updated collection of newspaper clippings from the German-language daily press on film, television and new media.

Google Scholar:

  • With Google Scholar, you can effortlessly conduct a general search for evaluated scientific literature. This includes abstracts of articles from sources such as academic publishers, professional associations, preprint magazines, universities, and other educational institutions.

DOAJ - Directory of Open Access Journals:

  • This search engine can be used to search online open access, scholarly journals in all languages and all subject areas.

Video library

Audiovisual media (videocassettes, DVDs, CDs, etc.) may only be borrowed by members of the Film University. Playback is only possible for teaching and research purposes. Borrowing is for the purpose of the student's own academic training. Any public screening is prohibited, as is passing on to third parties. Copying is excluded.

In the video library there are about 40 000 purchased videos and DVDs as well as recorded TV programs available. Our offer includes:

  •     cineastic and film-historical feature films
  •     films of individual genres and film movements
  •     documentaries
  •     animated films
  •     works by video artists
  •     Music videos
  •     Factual videos on film-specific topics

Films can be searched by various aspects in the library catalog (OPAC):

  •     by persons involved (director, cameraman, actor ...)
  •     by title (distribution title, original title, literary model)
  •     by country
  •     by language
  •     by shooting years (films of a year or period)
  •     by keywords (see systematics and list of all keywords)

The linking of search aspects offers a number of further possibilities.

The video library offers a small inventory of music and audiobooks:

  •     3000 CDs: Film music, basic classical music, world music, popular music.
  •     1200 audio books on CD: related to film, award-winning and selected radio plays and readings

AV media can be borrowed or viewed on site Monday through Friday during library opening hours. Reservations for a viewing slot can be made by calling +49 331 6202-414. Our user regulations govern the lending and viewing of AV media. Unfortunately, copyright reasons restrict the loan of video material.


Film archive


The Film University Film Archive of the University Library has been storing all university-owned film productions, practice, main examination and diploma films as well as special projects of graduates since 1954. In 1956 there were 7 films, today there are about 4400 titles stored here. Documentaries, feature films, animated films from over 50 years of the university. Since the 80s, video productions and film posters have been added to the 35mm and 16mm film. The films not only reflect the quality of education, but are also historical testimonies from the history of divided Germany until 1990.



  •     DVDs for internal viewing purposes are available for loan to university members at the Film Archive office.

Viewings for External and Off-Campus Performances:

  •     For viewings resulting in commercial or non-commercial use, and requests for use of film clips: through Cristina Marx (Festivals & Distribution / Film Fair) Phone: 0331/6202-564.


You can use the University Library's online catalog under the link "Databases - Film University Films Only" to search specifically for people, titles, annual productions, or topics.

Library Catalogue - Databases - Cataloque Uni-Films

Subject information (content-related questions and lending)

Corinna Erkens
Phone: +49 331 6202-431

Newspaper clippings archive

Are you looking for film reviews of a film on which you are to give a presentation or biographical material on the film's director?

Or do you want to study the development of DEFA films, their cultural-political backgrounds as well as reviews on individual DEFA films and their directors?

Perhaps you need information on the subject of "soap opera" and your research should be supported by reviews of specific series?

If you need information on such or similar topics, please contact the press documentation.

Press Documentation is a press archive in which "press clippings," i.e., excerpts from the German-language daily press and other relevant materials on the topics of film, television and the media, are collected, made accessible in documentary form and prepared for use. The collection of about 4 million articles has been built up since 1960 and is continuously updated by an annual addition of about 13,000 press clippings.

Today's press documentation is made up of both the holdings of the newspaper clipping archive of the university in Babelsberg and the holdings of the information/documentation department of the former Central Institute for Film Studies Berlin. In 2004, the media studies press archive of the former Landesbildstelle Berlin was additionally integrated into the holdings.

The historically grown stock thus offers a comprehensive overview of film development since the beginning of the collection. The entire press spectrum was evaluated, i.e. both "East" and "West" press. Particularly noteworthy is the large collection on DEFA film.

What you will find in the press documentation...

  •     Approx. 4 million press clippings from the German-language daily press and other relevant materials (e.g., "gray literature," festival materials) on the topics of film, television, media

structured according to the following collection priorities:

  •     Film Reviews: Feature films, documentaries and animated films of national and international production.
  •     Television reviews: e.g. television films, series, magazines, reports, talk and game shows
  •     Personalia: information about people in the media industry, e.g. directors, actors, producers
  •     Countries: national film development of individual countries
  •     Subjects: a collection arranged by keywords on, for example, the following topics

           Film and television studies
           Media history
           Media and communication research
           Theatrical industry
           Radio and television stations
           Media training centers
           DEFA: history of DEFA film/general, reviews of individual DEFA films
           (DEFA feature film complete from 1946), development of 
           DEFA studios, film biographical material on, for example, authors, directors, cameramen and actors
           Festivals (in selection)

How to use our service

Accessing the materials in the press documentation is uncomplicated for you: You come to us. call us or send us an e-Mail and tell us your research request.

To do this, please fill out a research request form. As a rule, we can provide you with the desired material immediately for your use. In the case of extensive title lists, we recommend ordering in advance by e-mail. If your request requires more extensive research, we will arrange an appointment. We also carry out longer-term press observations on your topic, e.g. for a diploma thesis or a research topic.

The press clippings are available for your personal use, i.e. exclusively in the rooms of the press documentation.
When using the press documentation, we draw your attention to compliance with the Urheberrechts-Wissensgesellschafts-Gesetz, which came into force on March 1, 2018.


The retrieval symbol "zt" (Field media type) in the online catalog (OPAC) of the University Library refers to press articles in the press documentation.

Email address of press documentation: pressedokumentation(at)

The press documentation is located in the gallery of the library. You will have to climb a flight of stairs, but you'll see it's worth the walk!