Media Studies

The Media Studies M.A. program offers a more research-oriented curriculum. As Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF considers itself an art school, this includes both basic and applied research that reflects upon artistic practice.

The M.A. program allows students to further develop their knowledge about analytical, esthetic, historical, and theoretical issues in the field of global audiovisual media communication and to specialize in the following fields: History of Film and Television; Popular Entertainment; Children, Youth, and the Media; Esthetics and Artistic Practice. After successful completion of the M.A. program, students may apply for the Media Studies PhD program.

The program prepares students for responsible positions in media studies and the media business: media and market research; cultural and event management; program scheduling and planning for audiovisual media; consulting services for the production and distribution of audiovisual media; journalistic, editorial, and conceptual jobs in the audiovisual media industry; development and planning of media-based education and training services; academic teaching and research.


B.A. in the field of media and communication studies or in a discipline of social sciences, the humanities, or the arts that involves courses in the field of cultural studies and/or esthetics and art history or a comparable academic degree.

Degree: Master of Arts (M.A.)

Program Duration: 4 semesters

Program Entry: Winter term

Program Office