Respect 21

© Laura Espinel

"Being aware of the history of Babelsberg as a media city, we advocate free and open societies. We unequivocally oppose discrimination and political extremism. We stand up or equality and support people in different family and living situations.“ So it says in the mission statement of the Film University.

But a commitment is only as strong as the people who live it in their daily lives. We here at the Film University also experience discrimination and sexism, sometimes harsh and disrespectful communication, and even verbal violence of various kinds.

It is therefore necessary to always remember the university as a place of free thinking and working, of diversity and variety. But also as a place of mutual respect, the recognition of our respective uniqueness and attention to the needs of others.

For this reason, we want to place the coming year under the motto "Respekt 21". Respect is an umbrella term for ideas and measures that we want to develop together to raise awareness, improve communication and interaction with one another, optimize discriminatory structures and processes, and become even more diverse and inclusive.

Your AG "Respekt 21

Frauke Eckl, Susanne Foidl, Claudia Geisler-Bading, Katrin Dorner, Julia Diebel, Lorena Junghans, Jana Krug, Hannes Raphael, Susanne Ritzal, Susanne Stürmer, Björn Stockleben

We encourage all members and affiliates of the university to support and help shape this work. Please share your ideas or suggestions with us.