International Profile


Both film and all other moving image media are present across the world and based on global technological standards. As a form of art and communication, film conveys and illustrates the diversity of cultures, societies, ways of life, opinions, and worldviews. Moving image media have become the most important media of communication and their relevance continues to increase with globalization.

The Film University considers open-mindedness and the appreciation of other ways of life and cultures a part of its identity. Our goal and mission is to promote an international perspective in all parts of the university, to actively shape the process of internationalization, and to maintain and foster our global partnerships and networks. In addition to the high proportion (approx. 17%) of international students enrolled at the Film University, joint workshops, summer schools, film and research projects, and visiting scholars programs created in collaboration with our international partner universities as well as businesses from the media and creative industries attest to the university's international orientation. At present, our global partnership network encompasses some 40 universities in countries such as the USA, Mexico, the UK, France, Romania, and Switzerland.

Information on the Corona Virus

The Corona virus does have an impact on our international mobilites.

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) informs about the virus's ramification on the invidual scholarships as well as on the Erasmus programme on their website:

We also ask all members of the Film University currently abroad, to keep themselves informed on local media, the webpages of the Federal Foreign Office  as well as the Film University's website (in German).